Appraising the value of our healthcare experience is very personal and different for each individual. At Skin Wellness Dermatology Associates, we focus on providing education, access, and a community to support healthier skin for a lifetime. Transparency in our fee schedule helps each individual make an informed decision about what fits into their healthcare value system.
A few things to consider:
● In the traditional insurance-based reimbursement system, the simple question, “How much will this cost?”, can be impossible to answer given the complexity of claims filing, denials, deductibles, co-insurance … and the list goes on!
● At Skin Wellness Dermatology Associates, all costs are transparent and available upon request.
● Skin Wellness Dermatology Associates accepts health spending and flex spending account payments for medical services.
● Patients with high deductible plans often benefit from the direct care model given inflated and itemized insurance billing and “add-on” fees, such as facility fees, which are prevalent across the healthcare system.
● Pathology and lab work is not performed in-house and patients may utilize their insurance (with the exception of Medicare HMOs) to pay for any necessary labs or pathology ordered during your visit.
● Skin Wellness Dermatology Associate offers a compounded medication formulary and other cost-saving options to get you the most affordable pricing on prescription medications.