Clear + Brilliant

what is clear + brilliant laser

Clear + Brilliant is often referred to as a “mini Fraxel” given its similar mechanism of action to Fraxel Dual, but by using lower energy levels, downtime is drastically reduced.  Patients can expect a moderate to mild sunburned appearance for 12 hours post treatment and a fine coffee ground texture easily covered by makeup for 2-4 days post treatment.

Clear + Brilliant is a minimal to no downtime laser treatment used to:

·      treat + prevent early signs of aging

·      improve skin texture + tone

·      help minimize the appearance of pores

·      reduce the appearance of brown spots + melasma

Who can benefit from Clear + Brilliant?

Everyone.  Clear + Brilliant is safe for all skin types and helps treat + prevent early signs of aging in all patients.

Can lasers treat melasma?

Clear + Brilliant Permea  is one of the best treatment options for stubborn melasma along with a good topical skincare plan.

Can I wear make-up after Clear + Brilliant?

Makeup can be applied immediately post treatment.

What is the downtime for Clear + Brilliant?

Downtime can range from 2-4 days.  All procedures including laser treatment are performed by Dr. Campbell and can be tailored to a patient’s availability for downtime and desired outcome.

Is Clear + Brilliant painful?

No.  Topical numbing is applied 30 minutes prior to treatment and most patients feel a tickling sensation on the skin.  Some patient do not require any numbing, but it is always offered to our patients.

What can I expect after a Clear + Brilliant treatment?

Immediately after Clear + Brilliant your face feels sunburned and warm. A cooling mask is applied for 10-15 minutes and the sunburnt-like sensation subsides in less than an hour. You typically leave our office looking red or sunburned which is easily covered with make-up and begins fading by the next morning. A superficial coffee ground texture can be felt and darkening of brown areas of the skin can be noted for 1-2 days after the treatment. All the skin changes are easily covered with make-up and require no downtime from your daily activities. Sun protection is recommended for 2 weeks prior to and post any laser treatment.





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