Are there ever any other fees?

If you have private insurance and wish to use it for any prescriptions, we’re happy to oblige by sending the prescription to a dermatology specialty pharmacy which will provide best cost pricing. . If, however, your insurance requires a prior authorization (a “PA”) Dr. Jackson will typically find an alternative medication for you. If you prefer to have us complete the PA, we charge a nominal fee for the additional time needed to complete that paperwork.

Prior Authorization

  • Non-biologic medication PAs: $35
  • Biologic medication PAs: $75

Other Paperwork

  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), cancer policy forms, Life insurance Forms .: $50
  • Coded receipt: $10
    • Jackson will only use codes if coded receipt requested. Dr. Jackson must look them up to provide them for you.
    • There is no charge for an itemized receipt without codes.
  • Completed CMS 1500 form: $25